DJI Spark Fly More Drone Combo

Personal drones have reached a new milestone in price to performance ratio with the new Spark by DJI. With over a mile range in open terrain, this easy to fly drone carries a 12 MP camera that also does 1080P video, stabilized by a two-axis hardware gimbal. Object avoidance allows you to fly it right toward objects in normal modes without fear of crashing into them. (Sports mode, on the other hand, will allow you to run the drone right into a brick wall. So learn to fly it and know your surroundings before flying sports mode.)

So take a look at the videos below in 1080p mode to see what you are going to be getting, and get ready to have a ton of fun!



The Uber Ride Share Experience

Riding with Uber is a way to save a bit of money over typical cab fares, especially on longer runs, which saves the most. The same logic applies to Uber drivers – they enjoy the longer runs more as it allows them to earn more money per hour than the shorter runs.

To find out more about riding with Uber and also get a free ride, up to $15 in value, just sign up here.  It’s easy and the app is excellent. You just bring up the app, tell it where you are going and ask for a ride. If there is an on-duty Uber driver in the area, their Uber Driver app will activate, and they will have 15 seconds to accept the ride request. The ride app allows riders to see where nearby, available and online drivers are located on the map.

From an Uber driver’s perspective, the driver app allows drivers to handle navigation and payments as well as dispatch all in a single unified set of apps. If there are multiple available drivers in the area, the app will decide by a complex algorithm of distance, time since last call, time on duty, number of rides today, etc. to trigger the first driver on their priority list. If that driver declines, the next gets 15 seconds to accept the ride, and so forth until it comes back to the first again.  In other words, it tries to be fair to the driver and the rider.

To sign up to become an Uber driver, just fill out this easy application. Make sure you have a car that is less than ten years old, is registered and insured, in good mechanical shape, and that it can hold up to three adults plus you. Some rides have luggage or groceries, so keep the car cleaned out and basically cleaner than a taxi in general. Have a few cleaning products and plastic bags handy in case you have a problem with smelly rides.

If you are seeking longer distance rides for Uber, or need a ride with a trailer full of stuff, that service is now available for rides leaving Maine and heading for other regional states as far away as PA. A choice of two trailers is available in stock, but other trailers are available to rent locally for additional costs. The driver can optionally help you when packing heavy items onto the trailers, and unloading them as well. Very reasonable rates and professional service. Email or text/SMS your message with ride request details to 207-660-5625.  No voice calls please, instead send a message requesting a call back.

Citrix – Secure Communications Made Easy

Electronic communication is regulated by a number of complex sets of rules, ranging from PCI to HIPAA and including various state and local regulations for many businesses. The short version of what needs to be done is that any protected or private information, as defined by any of these standards, must not be exposed.

While this may be complicated to research and fully understand, it is far easier to implement next-generation, state-of-the-art security features into the programs that are already in use by partnering with Citrix.

Whether you need to set up secure videoconferences with participants from around the world, or simply encrypt standard email and attachments – or send large files, Citrix. has the solution.

Sign up for a free trial of their amazing software systems, and plug those security gaps with the click of a button!

Easy, Fast Online Business Funding

(Originally posted on LinkedIn on May 4, 2014)

Most businesses share a common theme. They could do more, if they had more money to invest in new or expanded opportunities. Maybe that new business location, some particular piece of equipment, a new vehicle with the company logo on it, paying off some high-interest debt, or hiring an employee that specializes in an area where there is a lot of potential for growth. Ask any business owner or CEO, and they can tell you exactly what they would do with an extra allotment of cash to invest, and how long it would take them to pay it back.

But then ask the same executive where they think they can get approval for a Easy Business Financing, and they may not be quite so sure of the answer. There are a lot of complications in applying for financing, they may say. Or it is impossible to ask for capital given the current credit environment. The paperwork may not be worth the effort, or the banks are simply unwilling to lend money to anyone who needs it. They are not wrong – it is a hostile lending environment to be sure.

Along comes Fundera – a different kind of online funding site. Fundera is the easiest way to find and secure a small business loan. With one application, you can apply to and receive multiple offers from online lenders, ensuring you can get the lowest-cost loan in the fastest amount of time. The service is quick and easy, and it is free to apply. So, what are you waiting for? If a business meets the following criteria, money is probably available for a wide range of purposes.

Eligible Businesses

Businesses that meet the following criteria are strong loan candidates and should have loan options available on the Fundera Network.

  • 1+ Years in Business

    Typically, lenders will want to see a year of business history in order to understand the financial details of the company. In some cases, Fundera is able to assist with startup financing for borrowers who have exceptional credit scores (700+).

  • $100,000 Annual Revenue

    For more mature businesses seeking medium term loans, this figure is $300,000 revenue in the previous year. For younger businesses seeking short term loans, lenders will look for monthly cash flow in excess of $8,000/month.

  • $5,000+ Loan Size

    Due to legal and operational constraints, most lenders will prefer to issue loans greater than $5,000 in amount. In some cases, smaller amounts will be considered, down to $2,500. Most lenders will top out around $500,000.

  • 550+ Credit Score

    Of course, the credit score is just a proxy for the details of the credit report that any lender will be focused on when they examine an application. Borrowers with certain blemishes on their report can be acceptable, such as a discharged bankruptcy several years in the past.

  • All Entity Types

    We have options on the Fundera Network for a variety of borrower entities, including C and S Corporations, Sole Proprietorships, LLCs and more.

Click here to visit the Fundera Network, and to get the process started today.

Build Your Own Mobile App in Minutes!

There is a moment when new technology meets widespread acceptance, and suddenly everyone is using it. Take the Internet and the 90’s. Before then, nobody knew what it was. Afterwards, nobody could live without it. Those moments only come once, and the people who get involved before that moment are the new leaders in the latest big thing.

Mobile Apps are the latest rage for business, and you won’t find many of the online business leaders that don’t already have their own branded Mobile App. Mobile Apps have always been expensive to develop, requiring a lot of time and a team of programmers. Until now. Take your business mobile with your own app at a low cost & no effort!


Local Technicians Needed for Nationwide Service Providers

Are you a self-employed or out-of-work computer technician, network technician or telecommunications pro? Or are you looking for a few extra jobs each week to make ends meet, or put some money aside for retirement? If so, then FieldNation has work for you, in your local area. It’s completely free to join, there are never any dues or fees, and you decide which jobs you want to perform.

Why work for someone else, when you can go out and earn good money performing day labor jobs for nationwide service providers? These jobs are typically one to four hours each, and the details are specified before you commit. You are not required to work any of these jobs, but can work as many as time allows. Notifications can be customized to alert you to new work as soon as it is published, and if you don’t like the terms of an assignment, you can make a counter offer for the provider to contemplate.

Imagine getting paid to replace a coupon printer at the local grocery store chain, or troubleshoot a hard drive at your favorite drive-thru fast food restaurant, or install a parking lot surveillance camera? How would you like to be the technician that installs the T1 lines and networking cables for all of the local sporting goods franchise stores? These are the kinds of jobs that are found on FieldNation every day.

Expand your options, or put money away for that special toy, or build a college fund for your kids by earning a few hundred extra dollars a week doing odd IT jobs in your local area. This site features the ability to add your certifications, or showcase your background check or clean urinalysis if you wish – while not mandatory, it greatly expands the opportunities that are available. Why wait, when you can start now?

Are you a nationwide or regional franchise, looking for qualified, same-day or next-day technicians on a short-notice basis? Need background checks, urinalysis results or particular certifications? Please send an email to with the subject line “technician” and a customer service representative will be in contact with you shortly. Be sure to include your first and last name, company name, location, phone and email address.

Secure Computer Recycling

Identity thieves are always on the lookout for used computers, because they often contain information that the former owners though was erased. Don’t take chances with your data – have your obsolete equipment removed by The Maine Guru, and your data will be securely erased free of charge.

Today’s forensic data recovery software leaves data exposed on computers that have been formatted, had the operating system wiped out and reinstalled, or even damaged computers that won’t boot up. Usernames, passwords, browsing history, banking information and much more could be sitting on that old PC in the closet, just waiting for someone to recover it.

The Maine Guru offers free removal and responsible recycling of old computers, and we securely erase every data storage device with military-grade software that renders all data completely erased. (We can even provide a certificate of secure erasure for each machine, for a small fee – less than what many companies will charge you just to haul away the equipment.)

Free up that storage area and get peace of mind with a win-win removal of your obsolete electronics. Just email or call 207-660-5625. We are located in Lewiston, Maine and we service the central Maine area for free, and can negotiate a low cost for other parts of the state or region with larger volume requests.

Our focus is on obsolete PC equipment, working or not. We haul computers, servers, cables, networking gear, peripherals such as mice, keyboards and speakers and most related items. (We can only accept monitors and printers as part of a larger load, and only in proportion to the number of computers without charging an extra fee.)



Digital Currency and Bitcoin


 By now, you’ve probably heard a little about Bitcoin and know just enough about it to be interested in having some, but not quite knowledgeable enough to call yourself an expert.

This site is dedicated to educating people about Bitcoin, and other similar digital currency options. Within these pages, we will be exploring the history of Bitcoin, and we will be making some predictions about the future of digital currency and the more common “fiat currency” – also known as cash. (As a side note, the Internal Revenue Service recently announced that they would treat Bitcoin as a commodity, like gold or silver, rather than like cash.)



The first thing anyone needs in order to start learning about and using Bitcoin, is a wallet. Digital Wallets come in a few shapes and sizes, and each one is functionally the same for simply accumulating Bitcoin and sending some off to a website or a friend now and again.

It’s only when working with the more specialized aspects of Bitcoin, such as mining or day-trading Bitcoin on an exchange against other cryptocurrencies, or accepting Bitcoin transactions at the point of sale that the exact functionality of a more advanced wallet becomes important.

There are cloud wallets and then there are software download wallets that install securely onto a local hard drive on your computer. Many wallets are even available on smart phones.

(Be careful in choosing a wallet if you decide to download it to your computer. There are many predatory, imposter websites which offer virus-infected or hacked wallets, so let the buyer beware when it comes to those.)

Buying Bitcoin

There is immense speculation about where the price of a Bitcoin will be in the future. Many people are simply buying Bitcoin on an exchange with some of their low-interest savings account money, in hopes of seeing an increase in value of several hundred percent. Many are now considering a periodic buying approach to diversify their legacy investment portfolio.

Accepting Bitcoin Payments

A fast-growing adoption of Bitcoin by some of the major retail enterprises, including computer manufacturer Dell, Electronics giant Tiger Direct and even precious metals experts Amagi Metals, are now accepting Bitcoin as payment at the point of sale. This approach can take two basic forms – either collecting the Bitcoin and speculating on the price, or instantly locking in the currency exchange rate, resulting in the money being deposited in the merchant’s bank account much like a credit card transaction, but with much lower costs.

Mining for Bitcoin

The nature of Bitcoin is that it allows people to earn their own Bitcoin payments by using computing power to contribute to the Bitcoin Block Chain in a process called mining. This process contributes to the ongoing verification and reconciliation of the block chain, and of Bitcoin protocol in general. In other words, it keeps it safe and secure.

Some people mine using their computers, but that is fast becoming inefficient due to the cost of high end graphics cards and the amount of power the computer uses when mining. Much more cost effective are the latest ASIC mining gear and cloud mining. In both cases, nearly everyone is now mining in pools, rather than solo mining. That approach allows a more consistent payout from the mining operation. Cloud mining will normally be done within a pool, but it involves significantly more risk as there is no real guarantee that the cloud mining company will stick around for the duration of the contract. Many have taken the money and disappeared recently.

Exchanging Bitcoin

Bitcoin can be spent directly for goods or services, or it can be converted into cash, gold, silver, or other currencies or assets. There are websites dedicated to the serious investment trading professional and those designed for everyday people who don’t know much about investing, Forex, binary options or Bitcoin.

 Favorite Links – Online Wallet, Bitcoin to USD Exchange and Merchant Bitcoin Acceptance Tools. Accept Bitcoin payments, convert them instantly to US Dollars, and deposit them automatically into your bank account. Fees for Bitcoin transactions are much lower than standard credit cards. – Buy precious metals using Bitcoin or traditional payment methods. Invest in gold, silver and other metals including coins, bars and online escrow accounts. – Exchange hundreds of different cryptocurrency units for Bitcoin or US Dollars. Trade between different alternate cryptocurrency units (altcoins) and Bitcoin. also provides a wallet address for over 200 different digital currencies and also allows cloud mining contracts. Earn interest on several popular coins as well. – Exchange dozens of different cryptocurrency units for Bitcoin or US Dollars.

Bitcoin Mining Pools – is a pool for ASIC mining Bitcoin using SHA-256. Simply point your mining rigs to the server address and begin mining, using your Bitcoin address as a username. No registration required. – was a pool for ASIC mining Bitcoin using SHA-256. It has now closed down and is no longer accepting shares. – is a pool for mining most major SHA-256, Scrypt, Scrypt N and X-11 coins. Directly integrates with for daily payouts and automatic conversion to Bitcoin if desired.

Research Digital Currency

Satoshi Nakamoto’s White Paper – Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System. This is the research paper that got digital currency started. PDF.

Understanding Bitcoin – The Liberty Lover’s Guide to Understanding the Mechanics and Economics of Crypto-Currency. – provides real-time and historic information about each block mined and each transaction. Also has charts, stats, markets and an online Bitcoin wallet. Search for blocks by height, address, block hash, transaction hash, hash160 or ipv4. – Digital Currency News Desk with multiple resources including .

Digital Currency Council – Provides a standard training curriculum and digital currency certification for various professional needs. – offers a timeline perspective of the evolution of Bitcoin. Follow all of the major advances and stories over time, from the genesis block to recent developments.

History of Bitcoin